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Airtech deluxe air suspension system

K Sport auto parts

A step up from the Ksport basic air suspension system is the Airtech deluxe air suspension system which uses two compressors and an electronic controller to lower and raise the ride height. Ksport makes this kit completely user-friendly for installation by including everything that is needed for the air ride to work flawlessly. Once you have this Ksport system installed, you will experience years of durability, performance and control.

Instead of just one air compressor, the Ksport deluxe air ride kit uses two compressors which will fill the tank twice as fast as the Ksport basic air ride system. The driver can set the front and rear ride height separately through two different switches that control the air bags electronically which gives much more adjustment to the user than using manual paddle controllers. The electronics are also houses in a sleek red and black box that looks factory inside your trunk or wherever you decide to mount it.

Mounting the air tank in the trunk is the best and cleanest setup for the Ksport air ride suspension. It can even be taken as far as making it a show piece for car shows. The polished black look makes it stand out and really sets your car apart from the rest, not to mention how low this kit can make your car. The Ksport air ride suspension system can drop your car to the floor and sink in the tires for an extremely appealing look. When you are ready to drive away, all you need to do is raise it back up using the Ksport control box that you have mounted in the trunk.