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Airtech pro air suspension system

K Sport auto parts

What sets this air suspension kit apart from the rest of the Ksport systems is the ability to control the ride height via a small remote control that is similar to your keyless entry remote control. It is extremely small and even includes an LED screen which allows the user to have 5 preset ride heights and monitor the entire system. Ksport also includes air tank pressure on the key fob for more user control.

The Ksport Airtech pro air suspension system can be adjusted much quicker than their other kits as well and can be lowered or raised in less than 5 seconds with the touch of a button. Having such quick and efficient access to control the entire system makes it easy to adjust on the fly so you can spend more time in the vehicle and less time trying to get the ride height to your liking. This Ksport kit also uses dual air compressors to make the back and front adjust separately to dial in the perfect suspension height.

A second remote is also included in this Ksport air bag system, but it is just a basic 3-button remote with no LED screen. This is just for backup purposes if your main remote dies or you drop it. The antenna can be mounted anywhere on your windshield and has a very long range so you can adjust your ride height from inside the house if you would like. Ksport has made this air suspension system very easy to use and install as well. Ksport includes all hoses, wiring and hardware to make their system install with extreme ease with zero modifications needed.