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Airtech pro plus air suspension system

K Sport auto parts

Instead of just allowing adjustments for the front and rear separately, Ksport has designed their Airtech pro plus air suspension kit to have 4-corner adjustments. Each air bag can be adjusted separately from the others which allows for maximum control for the user and they are able to get the perfect ride height. Ksport engineers this air suspension kit without any switches or gauges and everything is monitored through the LED remote that is very handy.

There is no complex wiring for this air bag kit and only very little modifications may be needed to route the air lines. The Ksport pro plus air suspension system uses high quality air bags which are very versatile and can handle the abuse of daily driving as well as drift or circuit racing. The 36 levels of adjustment make this Ksport kit stand out to give the end-user infinite adjustments for whatever type of driving they like to do.

The user also had 4 ride-height presets available through the LED remote which makes things extremely easy and can be changed within a few seconds. As soon as bad weather arises, you can press one button on the remote and watch the ride height change within seconds without even picking up a tool or getting out of your car. The Ksport Airtech pro plus air suspension system is also auto-leveling and will make sure everything is even while you are driving.

Lowering your car with a Ksport air bag kit will allow you to set it on the ground for car shows or even if that is how you like driving. This is the ultimate lowering system that will outperform Ksport coilovers each and every time.