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GT Coilover System

K Sport auto parts

This coilover kit that Ksport designs is geared towards reducing unsprung weight which increases handling and responsiveness. It is also a step up from the Ksport kontrol pro coilovers that brings a bigger price tag, but delivers the performance that your car needs. The adjustable spring perch has made adjusting easy for lowering and raising your vehicle so it can be done on the go without having to jack the vehicle up.

Although the GT pro coilover system is much more expensive than Ksport lowering springs, you have complete adjustability over ride height and dampening control which is not possible with their lowering springs. Ksport engineers these adjustable coilovers to sit further away from the knuckle and brake system of the car so it does not experience high temperatures. This is something that is always associated with factory shocks since they are so close to these components.

Keeping up with the high demands of the street or track, the Ksport GT pro coilover system gives the driver solid feedback so they can feel connected to the road. Driver feedback is something most tuners and enthusiasts want, especially for their high end sports car. Also being able to adjust the Ksport suspension to their liking is greatly welcomed.

Ksport designs them for each specific vehicle as well so you can be sure that it will fit for your application and you will not have to modify the kit one bit. Once you have them installed, they will last you an extremely long time and make you feel like you are in an entirely different vehicle.