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The job that the Ksport helper springs do is to provide more stability for your ride and handle tough corners and uneven road surfaces better than just your coil springs do. They also allow the suspension to maintain full stroke by keeping the main spring snug at all time so there is no suspension travel. Suspension travel can make the wheels come off the road on uneven surfaces and lead to many problems. The Ksport helper springs are ideal for tracking or street racing your vehicle since they provide an increase in handling.

The tender springs are solely designed to smooth out and absorb the small imperfections that are consistent on road surfaces since nothing is completely flat. Ksport makes them from extremely rigid materials just like they do their coilovers and they weigh next to nothing so no additional weight will be felt. Weight is always a concern with a track vehicle since it will slow down the lap time and could define the race.

If you have ever gone over a hill at high speeds, the body of the car separates itself from the chassis by just a little in which you can feel it while in the air. Ksport tender springs will reduce this since they eliminate suspension travel. All coil springs create suspension travel and extend the shock when there is no load on the suspension. These Ksport springs will also reduce body roll and keep your car stable in and out of sharp turns. Tire wear is always a concern on and off the track and body roll plays a big factor in this. The Ksport coil springs reduce this to maintain tire life.