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Kontrol pro coilover system

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Installing the kontrol pro coilover system from Ksport on your car will give you both height and dampening adjustment so you can dial in the suspension to your needs. This is an entry level coilover kit that Ksport has designed for both street and track racing. There are 36 levels of dampening adjustment which gives the end user extreme customization for whatever type of driving the car is used for.

These Ksport adjustable coilovers have the ability to be used with their pillowball mounts which allow for even more adjustability and performance. On certain applications, the Ksport pillowball mounts can be used to adjust camber, or even caster adjustment as well if you are using their advanced pillowball mounts. Ksport matches each spring rate to the proper shock valving which allows for the best performance between these two components.

Going with a set of Ksport coils will give your car quicker heat dissipation so the shocks can provide your performance at all times. This is due to their monotube design which is much better than a twin tube design. A monotube design houses the oil and gas in separate cylinders that allows for an increase in performance. Ksport engineers these coilovers to be very user-friendly through easy adjustments that are easily accessible.

Made from all aluminum, Ksport will last the life of your car with their corrosion protection and quality materials. Since this product is a wear and tear item, parts do wear out and eventually need replacing. For this reason, Ksport offers replacement parts for all of their products so you can rebuild anything that is worn or damaged.