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Your brand new Ksport BBK is designed to give your vehicle more stopping power, but in order for this to happen, you must bed them in properly or else they will encounter some problems and no perform very well. Since their brake kit is designed to replace both pads and rotors, the owner must drive with ease for the first few hundred miles in order to mate the Ksport brake pads with the Ksport rotors to create a flat surface between the two.

Once you have installed your Ksport brake kit, you should check to make sure there are no vibrations while driving or taking off from a stop. If there are vibrations, immediately re-check your installation to find the cause.

The proper way to bed-in your Ksport BBK is to find a remote road with zero traffic and cruise up to about 45mph and hit the brakes at least 10 times for duration of 3 seconds each. You should avoid any hard braking because it will create low spots on your Ksport brake pads, which in return will cause improper braking power. The process allows the brake rotor and brake pad to heat up and mate with each other to create a flat surface. After this process for your Ksport brakes is done, you are ready to drive on the highway.

The Ksport brake pads and rotors might take a bit longer than this if you are using their race pads since they like to see higher temperatures. The more stop-and-go you do, the more they will heat up and eventually mate with the Ksport rotor.