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Ksport suspension components are made from extreme quality and come with a great warranty to back them up, but they are only guaranteed if you purchase them from an authorize Ksport distributor or the Ksport website. The Ksport warranty covers most of their suspension components, but there are some exceptions because of items that are wear-and-tear or are used for high performance racing like their springs. Replacements parts are made for nearly all of their suspension parts so the repair turnaround time will be very quick.

Once you have a claim for your Ksport suspension component, all you need to do is fill out the online form and fax or email it, and the staff will contact with within a few days. The service is extremely fast and you will be on your way to getting your component repaired the right way as long as you have purchased it from an authorized distributor. Ksport, however, is not responsible for the exterior finish and it is the owner's job to preserve the paint and chrome parts. Exterior finish is a wear-and-tear category that is based on weather conditions and where the car is driven.

The Ksport warranty also does not apply to any of their suspension components that have been modified, customized, painted, rusted or dented and Ksport can refuse any one of these claims. The owner must make sure that their suspension components are properly installed because the Ksport suspension warranty will not cover anything that has been improperly installed. The receipt from the date of purchase must accompany your product when you ship it to Ksport as well so they can verify this.