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Once users see your orange lowering springs, they will immediately know you are riding comfortably on Ksport. Ksport designs their coil springs for each specific year, make and model so you can experience better handling and more control than your original springs. They are also designed to enhance the appearance of your car to give it a more aggressive stance. Ksport uses a progressive spring rate which makes them very versatile on any road surface.

If you do not have the money for Ksport coilovers, than their lowering springs is the next best option to give your car the best stance. Although they are not adjustable, Ksport designs them for a big enough drop so the gap between your fender and wheel will be minimized to improve looks and performance. The corrosion resistant coating on each Ksport spring allows them to hold up throughout the year to provide your vehicle with constant control.

On certain applications, you can still keep your factory shocks when using these Ksport GT springs since they will only give the car a mild drop. Other cars will need aftermarket shocks in order to support the big drop that they give. Typically, anything more than an inch and a half drop will require an upgrade to aftermarket shocks since the factory ones will wear out extremely fast.

A Ksport camber kit may also be needed with certain applications, but this is only needed if a computerized alignment does not retain the factory specifications. Ksport GT lowering springs reduce your car's center of gravity so you can whip around turns without worrying about body roll and tire wear, which is why your camber measurements should be in check to increase performance.