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Upper pillowball mounts from Ksport are exclusive to only their coilovers and they cannot guarantee fitment for other aftermarket coilovers. Ksport pillowball mounts are installed at the top of the coilover kit and replace the factory rubber or plastic mounts to reduce flex and increase overall performance. Factory rubber or plastic mounts do not provide any increase in performance and actually decrease the car's handling when used with Ksport coilovers.

The basic pillowball mounts from Ksport allow for camber adjustment which solves alignment issues without the need for a camber kit. On the other hand, the Ksport advanced pillowball mounts allow for both camber and caster adjustment which allows the users complete control. They are extremely easy to adjust and perfect for race enthusiasts who need constant adjustments at the track. Using these mounts for your Ksport suspension will allow you to be more in tune with the car and make more steering corrections.

This product also stiffens the joint between the chassis and the suspension to make driving more controllable. Rubber and plastic mounts are weak and not intended to be used with an aftermarket coilover system. Ksport makes them to fit all of their adjustable coilover kits as well.

Ksport designs them from aircraft grade aluminum so they will stand the test of time and benefit your suspension for many years. They are perfect for not only race cars, but daily drivers as well and have been used in race competitions dating back to the late 1990s. These will also save you money on purchasing a camber kit from Ksport since they do the adjustments themselves.