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Pneumatic air jacks

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The pneumatic air jacks from Ksport are only for serious race car drivers and enthusiasts who need a faster way of jacking up the car during each pit stop. They can also be used if you are constantly changing your tires and wheels throughout the week or weekend. Ksport designs them from aluminum so they are very strong and can handle the specific weight of your vehicle.

Racing air jacks are an expensive, yet necessary upgrade for serious race car drivers. They must be installed in groups and are usually placed at the four corners of the car, installed in a location that cannot be seen from outside the car. Ksport makes them small and compact so the user has completely control of where to put them. Ksport takes the hassle of lugging around a heavy floor jack and designs these to weigh in at no more than 5 pounds so they will not add much weight to your car.

Users can also easily hook up an air tank to each of these racing air jacks and raise or lower the car with the simple flick of a switch. Once the switch is open, the tank will release air to the Ksport pneumatic air jacks in which they will raise the car in a matter of seconds so the wheels can be swapped out.

Most race cars use an air hose when they pit and connect it to one central unit which is then linked to all of the speed jacks. This can easily be done with Ksport, but you must have access to air. If you do not have access to air, you can easily mount an air tank inside your vehicle to power the Ksport components.