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ProComp big brake kit

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Upgrading your brakes and rotors to bigger Ksport calipers and disc brakes will allow your car to come to a stop much quicker, especially at high speeds. The Ksport ProComp big brake kit is made with aluminum calipers which is extremely lightweight and shaves off some weight that the factory rotors had. Ksport brake kit reduces brake fade and dissipates heat better so the car can still perform under extreme racing conditions.

Two types of brake pads are offered with this Ksport kit including street pads and race pads. The Ksport street brake pads are geared towards daily driving, while the Ksport race brake pads are designed solely for racing applications and would not be good for daily driving. The bigger rotors discs provide more surface area for the caliper to latch onto which is why this setup is superior to your factory brakes.

Using the ProComp big brake kit with a set of aftermarket wheels will really allow the kit to stand out. Ksport uses a special anti-corrosion agent that protects against the weather and road debris, and it also looks extremely appealing and includes an orange colored caliper. A big brake kit is what tuners and enthusiasts go to when they start adding performance parts that increase the power of their vehicle. Both stopping power and enhanced looks are achieved by upgrading to this Ksport kit.

Your brake pads and rotors will last extremely long due to how well the slotted design allows heat to escape. Brake dust will also be reduced to you can minimize the time spent cleaning your wheels since brake dust can build up extremely fast.