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SuperComp big brake kit

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If your car has extreme amounts of horsepower, then you need the Ksport SuperComp big brake kit to slow it down. With larger caliper and rotors than the Ksport PoComp kit, this big brake kit can handle some of the heaviest vehicles with upgraded engines that produce insane amounts of power. This Ksport brake kit can either be used on the commute to work or on the weekends at the race track for quality performance.

The brake calipers on this Ksport kit are 8 pistons, 2 more than their other big brake kit. The extra pistons mean more stopping power with greater clamping force to slow down your car. Keeping the brakes cool under extreme operations is the main goal through rotor design, which can either be had in slotted or cross drilled. 4 brake pads are also consistent with each caliper because of its size. The included stainless steel brake lines will deliver brake fluid as quick as possible and the driver will not feel any brake fade. Ksport designs this kit as an entire replacement for your front brakes, since nearly all of the braking is done up front.

With larger brakes come bigger wheels which are needed when you upgrade to this Ksport kit. Ksport suggests 20" wheels to be used on their big brake kit so there is enough clearance for the rotor and caliper. The proper offset much be used as well so the caliper does not come into contact with the wheel. Ksport designs this kit for the extreme tuners and enthusiasts who have a heavily modified vehicle, so having wheels of this size is not an issue.