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Version DR coilover system

K Sport auto parts

Engineered for drag vehicles only, the version DR coilover system by Ksport provides the necessary weight transfer needed for this type of driving. They are extremely stiff which reduces the car's quarter mile time since it can get off the line quicker. Ksport builds this coilover kit similar to the version RR kit, but with some internal enhancements that sets it apart. Each coilover has custom valving to work with the appropriate springs rates which are the only way of providing performance and proper weight transfer.

Lowering your drag car will create less drag and increase speed to improve on your quarter mile time. Ksport version DR coilovers have height adjustments and dampening adjustments so you can dial in your suspension just before you go down the track. Drag coilovers are highly suggested for any type of drag racing vehicle because Ksport designs them to be lighter and improve weight transfer. Shedding weight on your vehicle will also free up power that is being used to push your heavy vehicle down the track.

Wright transfer to the rear wheels is crucial to hook up on the track and get off the line quicker. Factory springs and shocks do not provide this weight transfer like these Ksport ones do. The ideal setup for a drag vehicle is for the front end to shoot up and transfer the weight to the rear. This is specific for rear wheel drive vehicles, while front wheel drive vehicles would need the opposite. Ksport customizes their drag coilovers for each specific car to cater to these needs.