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Version RR coilover system

K Sport auto parts

Ksport has designed their version RR coilover system specifically for road racing that is done by extreme tuners. They are not suitable for daily driving because they have been engineered for maximum handling and performance, which is not something any daily driven vehicle needs. Ksport uses stiffer spring rates along with their increased shock valving to turn these coilovers into something every enthusiast turns to for their road racing needs.

Owners that do a lot of road racing needs responsiveness and extreme feedback from their suspension in order to navigate tights turns and twists and the Ksport coilover kit does just that. Ksport has managed to make them extremely lightweight which sheds some weight off the vehicle. Body roll is also reduced to preserve tire wear and maximize control even on the sharpest sections of the road.

Forget about the additional camber kit because these can work with the Ksport basic or advanced pillowball mounts which makes your life much easier. Control your camber and caster without installing any other parts like a toe kit or camber kit. The only thing you need to rely on is the Ksport pillowball mounts and you can get your car to whatever alignment specifications you want.

The upgraded bump stops included with this Ksport coilover kit also reduce the risk of your car bottoming out which will happen on uneven road surfaces. Factory bump stops can be weak and allow for more suspension travel which will cause the bottom of the car to scrape the road below. Ksport engineers their bump stops to be firm enough for this not to happen so various auto parts remain safe and undamaged.