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K&N filters

K&N filters

The ultimate in engine breathing filters and engine oil filters are products from K&N. K&N filters are the leading company in the industry. They provide quality auto parts for every vehicle on the road. Their replacement parts are great for factory parts. Factory auto parts are not designed with performance in mined. They are simply there to serve a purpose. K&N air filters and K&N oil filters are two necessary parts that allow our vehicle's engine to run.

The job of any filter is to protect a certain part. In this case, their job is to protect the engine. Automotive engines are costly and most of us want them to last forever. K&N air filters protect the engine by collecting any harmful particles or dust that may be sucked in. When air is sucked in through the intake, the air filter will only allow clean air to pass through. This will create the best performance for the engine. K&N air filters come in both drop-in and cone style.

Drop-in filters are designed to replace the factory filter. They are designed with a flat surface that will make for a direct fit. The factory air filter is not designed to handle high amounts of debris or dust. K&N air filters can handle much more than any factory filter. K&N filters also improve performance. They are an all-around better product than factory. Their latest technology improves on gas mileage as well.

Any automotive engine uses oil to lubricate parts and drag heat away. K&N oil filters promote better flow and collect more debris than your average oil filter. They are designed for both everyday driving and high performance racing. K&N filters use the best cotton media which traps 99% of harmful contaminants. This is better than any other competitor on the market.

Gas mileage is a concern for most of us. K&N filters will increase the amount of miles we are able to obtain on each gallon. K&N air filters can handle more debris and will allow the engine to run more efficiently. An engine that is more efficient will produce better fuel mileage. It does not have to work as hard when running.

Oil filters are necessary for our engine to run, and run properly. A bad running engine could be a case of old and corroded oil. Fresh oil will always make the engine happy. KN filters will time in between oil changes longer as well. Their ability to handle more harmful contaminants will provide for longer use.

Air travels in through the engine's intake and is mixed with fuel. Cooler air makes this process easier for the engine. K&N air filters can be used on their intake systems as well. The cone style filter will fit any intake system. K and N air filters will last forever as well. Save money for other performance parts rather than replacing the stock filter over and over again. KN air filters are a one-time purchase. In some cases, it can last up to 100,000 miles before it needs to be cleaned. K&N filters are the best at what they do.

A boost in performance is added when using K&N air filters. This will allow the engine to last longer and give the car needed horsepower. Other filters are not designed to increase any performance. K&N air filters offer the best of both worlds. They are an inexpensive upgrade that will provide lasting results. K&N replacement filters will be worth their price tag the minute it is installed.

Auto parts are not designed to last forever. K&N air filters have a solution to this. Their products have a lifetime warranty and can outlast the vehicle. Their oil filters can also be washed and reused. Stop wasting money on a new oil filter at every service interval. K and N air filters are good for custom projects and engine builds. Their universal air filters come in all shapes and sizes to fit anything.

Quality and trusted auto parts are the only parts that should be installed on any vehicle. This will ensure proper performance and reliability. K&N air filters do both and support their products 100%.