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Comfort on the fly is what KYB electronic struts are intended for. The convenience of your vehicle being able to adjust its suspension settings based on different variables can be a big advantage. At different times, driving requirements change based on weight, the road surface, and the area in which you are traveling. KYB electronic struts are built to be intuitive, meaning that they can tell how to adjust without you needing to do it yourself. This makes a difference for car owners of all types. Whether you are on the road throughout the day or just cruise around on weekends, KYB electronic struts supplement your suspension system with OEM quality.

There is a main benefit to this upgrade. No one setting is perfect for your vehicle. Excel-G electric struts support your suspension system to be able to change when necessary. As road conditions vary, so do damping needs. Using Excel-G electric struts means having the ability to quickly adapt. Damping settings for smooth roads should not be the same for rougher surfaces. This causes vibration and sometimes, rattling. Excel-G electric struts allow proper dampening based on the surface your vehicle encounters. You will experience just enough softness or firmness depending on which setting is more appropriate. That is perhaps why Excel-G electric struts can be found on many of today’s luxury cars.

Although simple in application, there is a sophisticated process at work. Electronic adjustable struts have a tiny motor inside that rotates rod settings. It controls when the valve opens or closes inside of the piston. From there, electronic adjustable struts can differ in shock stiffness. The system has a sensor that can tell when weight is being displaced or if the road conditions have become harsher. In older cars, this was a manual process. But KYB has automated it for direct replacement. You will not have to manually control when the electronic adjustable struts kick in.

This product must be used in accordance with an agreeable suspension system. In other words, it is not eligible for all models. KYB struts are sold individually and can be used with stock components if one side were to become damaged.

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