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Upgrading to Excel-G electric shocks will impart a more consistent ride as well as a feeling of customization. Out of the factory, your suspension system was intended to promote comfort and stability. However, it does not account for deviations in driving conditions. Excel-G electric shocks are designed to change based on a series of variations so that your comfort level never falters. KYB does this by using specialized components geared towards sensitivity. Each part is configured to work with your suspension by reacting rather than being programmed for performance. The Excel-G electric shocks in particular are lauded for their intuitiveness.

The main point is the adjustability. This is what really separates electronic car shock absorbers from passive shocks. It is a fairly simple process but can have many steps. Electronic car shock absorbers change damping rate to accommodate driving circumstances. This can include the incline of the road, harshness of the surface, and overall direction. A valve or solenoid within the electronic car shock absorber adjusts the damping ratio by controlling the amount of oil that is made available through the pathways. When each passageway is open, more oil reaches the piston, resulting in increased comfort. Contrarily, when less oil is distributed, electronic car shock absorbers offer more firmness.

KYB is recognized throughout as a leader in suspension parts. Because of that, the company is designated as an official OEM replacement when it comes to aftermarket electronic automotive shocks. A main reason why has to do with their assembly methods. Their line of aftermarket electronic automotive shocks is designed using the same parameters as the automakers do. In many cases, KYB actually makes stock suspension parts for several OEMs. They are able to get the most accurate data and specifications, which is also why their aftermarket electronic automotive shocks are all a direct fitment.

Not all vehicles are compatible. The car must have an electric suspension system. If it does not, you will have to perform a conversion. Since KYB electric shocks are a direct fitment you should search for your specific model in order to inquire about availability. If eligible, it will fit and install according to factory guidelines.

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