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Excel-G Strut Cartridge

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You can use Excel-G strut cartridges for a variety of vehicles. Depending on the type of car and the factory suspension setup, this may be an important replacement. The job of Excel-G strut cartridges is to reinforce the strut and provide a similar damping effect to the shocks. However, because they are hidden, some drivers are unsure of what else they do. Upon installation, Excel-G strut cartridges are invisible because they are located inside of the strut housing. But it is here where they have a large responsibility. In short, your original or OE replacement struts cannot function without them.

Overall ride control is predicated upon two main principles: Weight distribution and balance. For cars such as the Chevy Lumina, a KYB strut cartridge plays a role in supporting your struts’ ability to maintain these qualities. Inside of the housing is oil (and in most cases) a valve that helps keep the weight absorption even. Over time, the oil can begin to leak out. When this occurs it is time to find the right aftermarket strut cartridge. It is an application-specific component that resembles an awl or thinner strut. You can fit one right in. A KYB strut cartridge is placed in the interior of the housing and is then secured in place.

If you have been experiencing rocky driving or feel that the tires are not demonstrating an adequate amount of grip, it is likely that the suspension needs improvement. Often, it is because an aftermarket strut cartridge is necessary. You may notice that following installation your vehicle is hitting the road in a smoother fashion. There is no longer tilting or swaying over bumps. KYB strut cartridges are even more serviceable than the original factory parts because they are digitally rendered. That means when they are manufactured their sizing is exact to specs. It also helps that KYB strut cartridges are crafted out of high quality materials including steel.

One of the most popular aspects to this part is the installation. If you need to insert an aftermarket strut cartridge it does not take as much work as other areas of the suspension. You do not have to remove the entire strut. In fact, you may be able to install a KYB gas strut cartridge right from under the hood.

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