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KYB Monomax Shocks

KYB Shocks

Designed specifically for larger vehicles, KYB monomax shocks provide a high degree of strength drivers rely on. If you are forced to use your ride on rough terrain or have a plow hooked up to the front, your suspension system needs extra reinforcement. Weight is consistently displaced, causing more stress at the joints. KYB monomax shocks offer more density to deliver balance and comfort. Whether pushing, pulling, or simply hauling cargo in your truck bed, you will notice less bounce and better alignment. Keeping your vehicle busy is easier than ever using KYB monomax shocks.

It can be difficult to find the right parts to replace factory suspension components. There are not many truck and SUV shock absorbers to choose from. KYB set out to change all of that. Using the Gas-a-Just series as inspiration, monomax heavy duty shocks demonstrate the same configuration except with more durability. They have a 1/2” diameter chrome rod and piston to compensate for heavier loads. The added thickness handles weight and turbulence in a more even manner. While monomax heavy duty shocks are made with high-pressured gas (280 psi) in the tubes, the cylinder is better protected against contact due to harsh conditions. This can be an issue with light trucks and 4x4s. As weight fluctuates on bumpy roads, monomax heavy duty shocks sustain support better than the OEM.

Increased speed is also not a problem. The aftermarket monotube shocks have a valving system that is sensitive to velocity. As velocity increases, the valve maintains balance. This feature is not as pertinent for everyday driving. But on a vehicle such as an F-250 traversing a highway, the aftermarket monotube shocks stay steady.

Although a rugged piece of equipment, the design is sleek. The aftermarket monotube shocks have a seamless cylinder and the eyelets. This eliminates any cumbersome quality despite their density. In addition, there is a nice finish for a custom look. Aftermarket monotube shocks sport a red housing with the word “monomax” painted on in black.

There is no need to be worried about longevity, even if your truck is given constant abuse. KYB shock absorbers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Purchase according to your truck’s specifications. Each single tube truck shock is sold individually.

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