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Rear Shock Mounts

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When the sound in the back gets louder, it is time for new rear shock mounts. It does not matter what kind of vehicle you drive, after a while, the suspension will start to age. There are often tell-tale signs such as an increase in creaks or a noise that emanates from the back tires. Rear shock mounts play a vital role in keeping your car upright and quiet. KYB manufactures all of their parts to demonstrate the same fit and function as the OEM. Their line of rear shock mounts are a direct fit to ensure the same standard of quality that you are used to. They also promote a sturdier, healthier driving style that adds years to your ride.

In a standard sedan or truck, the suspension system is subjected to just as many disturbances as the front. The only difference is that the front suspension has to account for steering and the components that go with it. But constant rumbling over inconsistent surfaces can wear down the rear shock bushings. Part of that is due to the back of most vehicles being slightly higher up. As the rear shock bushings take on more stress, the rubber they are made of slowly deteriorates. This is why you begin to hear groans going over bumps and potholes. A domino-effect can take place because the front suspension has to compensate. Replacing the rear shock bushings promptly becomes a priority.

If that time has arrived, you need to continue the same level of strength. KYB shock mount kits feature auto-grade rubber that is as durable as the factory provided. When the shock absorbers make contact displacing the weight ratio, the rubber enacts a firm resting point. It reduces any wiggle that your car was previously experiencing. Just as importantly, KYB shock mount kits seamlessly fit into the suspension assembly. This part is critical. Removing the original bushings can be difficult and that tells you how tight they were installed. KYB shock mount kits slide right into place because they are the exact same size. That makes installation a lot easier to accomplish.

Everyday vehicles will benefit the most. KYB shock mount kits are designed for standard sedans. Be sure to search using your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Each car suspension assembly is different, which means KYB bushing kits are not a universal product.

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