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KYB Self-Leveling Shocks

KYB Shocks

Many drivers who own an SUV prefer self-leveling shock absorbers to even out their suspensions. Large vehicles sometimes need reinforcement for their height. That is because often, cargo is stored in the back. This extra weight slightly lowers height. Consequently, the struts are under extra pressure. KYB self-leveling shocks are designed to compensate for the changes in load-bearing weight. As you travel, an important component called the leveling valve tells the system whether or not to lift up. It is a scientific process that maintains proper drivability for both SUVs and CUVs. KYB self-leveling shocks represent an increase in technology that improves overall suspension performance.

How it works involves several steps. KYB self-leveling shocks have a pressurized pump that distributes fluid. The leveling valve is located at the lower rear and maintains this pressure. It is also responsible for pushing pressure to lower or raise this end of the vehicle. If the vehicle is empty of cargo, the valve in the self-leveling shock absorbers is neutral. That means the struts do not need additional pressure. As soon as weight is added, a lever on the valve signals the self-leveling shock absorbers to fill up with fluid to lift the rear. But there is another step. Fluid has to be re-diverted if there is no weight displacement. This is when self-leveling shock absorbers have to return to the neutral position.

Pressure is maintained to expand the suspension struts until cargo is removed. The lever in the self-leveling shock absorbers moves to return fluid flow. What this does is permit pressure to be released, thus bringing the valve back to neutral. All of this happens autonomously. KYB SLS shocks do not require you to send a signal manually when to raise or lower. As you add or decrease weight the system will do it on its own. That is why KYB SLS shocks can be of an important benefit for workers with hefty vehicles. These rides are often bogged down hosting heavy equipment and logging lots of miles. Installing KYB SLS shocks provides maintenance, safety, and a longer vehicle life.

This product is a direct fit. However, the SUV shock absorbers may be slightly larger than the OEM. This is not an issue, as they will install very easily. Damper travel is dependent on vehicle type.

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