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Improving your OEM padding with KYB strut mount bushings offers both smoother drivability and increased endurance. As time goes by, stress on the suspension struts gradually causes tapering. The result is often a lot of shaking when riding over bumpy roadways. In turn, other components begin to wear down. KYB strut mount bushings are manufactured to offer a boost in stability that restores your vehicle’s steering and cambering. Your car will no longer have a case of “the shakes” and best of all, your entire suspension system will have a longer life. If you are serious about maintaining a healthy alignment, using KYB strut mount bushings is an important step in the process.

It is critical that an aftermarket part fits correctly. When it comes to an automotive suspension system, it is especially crucial. KYB replacement strut bushings are designed for vehicle specificity. The company uses measurements gleaned from each model in order to match the exact strut assembly. The reason why KYB replacement strut bushings have to fit perfectly is due to the pressure that bears down. When the vehicle fluctuates in both speed and camber, the struts have to sustain their integrity. This weight comes down on the KYB replacement strut bushings. Since they fit easily in place, there is no change in padding level. In fact, KYB replacement strut bushings use a high-density material that allows them to take on heavier loads over a long period of time.

To guarantee durability, a sturdy grade of rubber is employed. The texture of these rubber suspension bushings is extremely firm. There are not a series of fibrous strands that will wear due to heat. However, although the rubber suspension bushings are quite hard, they are meant to be soft enough to allow for extra comfort. This results in a significant reduction in both noise and vibration.

Most vehicles are eligible to be installed with rubber suspension bushings. Due to the design and material, they are best used for everyday driving responsibilities. KYB offers strut mount pads for many different sedans, SUVs, and trucks. To view options that are available for your ride, click on the “Shop Now” icon today.

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