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Safety and security make the Lund cargo net tie-down a smart choice. Having loose storage can come back to haunt you. Items big and small can be susceptible to damage. They slide around on the cargo carrier, causing scuffs and if you are not careful they can even fall out. A Lund cargo net-tie down fixes all of that. That is because it works synergistically with the hitch basket. Strategically placed throughout the hitch basket are holes. These holes are intended to host the Lund cargo net tie-down. Once the net is locked on and around the basket all of your items are securely kept in place.

One of the biggest questions driver tend to have is what kind of storage will it fit over. In short, the Lund cargo carrier net fits over just about everything. The squares of the net allow enough room for long or oddly-shaped objects to protrude through. The Lund cargo carrier net can be stretched according to your needs. If you are attempting to haul a series of suitcases along with a pair of skis, it is not difficult to tie them down. The Lund cargo carrier net can be manipulated in every direction. You will also not have to worry about it ripping or fraying. Durability is one of the Lund cargo carrier net’s best attributes.

Whenever you are packing, there is concern about items tearing through fabric. The automotive cargo net is made of nylon-woven bungee. The amount of tensile strength is it capable of delivering is more than adequate to handle most heavy cargo. That includes tools boxes and camping gear. The automotive cargo net has a generous amount of elasticity around the perimeter and inside of the weave. Once you have arranged everything inside of the carrier basket, you can tie it down tightly. For added security, you can use the Lund straps that come with the carrier to supplement the automotive cargo net.

Another factor to consider is the travel. Before tying down the aftermarket cargo net, it is suggested to arrange your storage in an evenly distributed manner. The weight of the cargo in conjunction with the speed your vehicle will be traveling at should be considered with how you use the cargo storage net. Be sure to balance out any heavy or large objects accordingly.

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