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The idea behind catch-it carpet mats is to provide an even mix of interior comfort. On one hand, you get stout defense against various mishaps that can occur. Spills, stains, and water damage are common issues every driver has to deal with. On the other, you get improvement in both softness and fashion that feels more custom. Catch-it carpet mats are the form-fitting answer that combines the best of both worlds. Most vinyl floor liners are there simply for protection. They layer the car’s floor adequately, but are rigid and cumbersome. That is not how these work. Instead, catch-it carpet mats provide a touch of luxury with all the security you need.

When we are discussing fitment, it is about shape as much as measurement. Catch it vinyl floor mats are designed to exactly match the floor of your vehicle. They are not a universal fit. That is because in order for them to work properly, the catch it vinyl floor mats have to meet the different angles and dimensions of your floor. The sides of the cabin, the center hump, and the feet wells all present different contours. If the surface is not matched up, gaps appear. Catch it vinyl floor mats cover a wide area to limit the OE carpet’s exposure. It makes a big difference once installed. The factory flooring is predominantly covered by the new surface catch it vinyl floor mats are responsible for.

Given the premise of improved cushioning blended in with better protection, the material is crucial. Lund molded carpet mats have two elements at play. The Vyram texture is there to repel damage from liquids, using the raised ridges for containment. This is so spills do not run off of the mat and onto the floor. On the inner surface is a soft, padded surface that feels just like expensive luxury mats.

And there is greater stability, as well. Lund molded carpet mats have a series of raised nibs on the bottom so there is no shifting once installed. The little bumps act as traction, clinging to the fibers of the OEM carpet. Even if your feet are active with the pedals on the driver’s side, the Lund molded carpet mats will stay in place.

All areas of your vehicle are eligible. You can purchase Lund carpet liners for the front seats as well as the second and third rows. Colors: Black, Tan, and Grey.

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