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The Challenger specialty toolbox is one of the most widely used of its kind on the market today. Employing an aftermarket storage unit in your truck bed calls for several details. It has to be strong, durable, and versatile. The challenger specialty toolbox boasts numerous advantages that others in its class simply do not have. It is specifically designed to host a wide variety of tools and valuables that would be better kept out of the cab. You can use the challenger specialty toolbox to hold everything from hammers and drills to safety supplies and camping gear.

A big piece of the puzzle is based upon its construction. The challenger storage chest is built from special thick-walled aluminum. Toughness is a prerequisite for an exterior truck item. The thickness of the aluminum used for the challenger storage chest allows for an extra level of durability. It protects against dents from contact with heavy equipment as well as potential damage from roadside debris. What’s more, challenger storage chests have a brite aluminized finish that is not only attractive, but protective, as well. Issues such as rainwater, mud, and other substances will not damage the unit. Should it become dirty, the challenger storage chest can be rinsed off quickly.

Inside is where even more features are present, such as the lid. The aluminum truck bed chest lid is lined with foam. This foam plays two roles: it protects delicate items and provides a degree of sound absorption for when the truck is in gear. You will also find a tool tray as well as a screwdriver holder. For even more security, on the bottom of the aluminum truck bed chest is a rubberized surface. The rubber floor mat stops objects from sliding around while also enacting an extra layer of security. It opens with gas struts and closes with a lever-locking device. You get quick access to your cargo without being concerned about it opening during turbulent travel. Lund challenger tool boxes come also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

As for installation, it is easy for most to accomplish. The aluminum truck bed chest comes with all necessary hardware. Most trucks will not require drilling. Follow the included directions and integrate placement according to your truck bed’s specifications.

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