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Convenience and ready-to-use access make the Contender tool storage box an asset for any truck bed. It is a great place to keep a wide variety of tools close by for the jobsite or whatever situations that may pop up. Wrenches, hammers, ropes, fishing gear, and even power tools fit inside with no issue. The Contender tool storage box is perfect for both work and recreational use. There is no reason to keep items scattered around the truck bed or crammed inside the cab. Instead, organize your equipment with more efficiency. The Contender tool storage box fits most truck models such as the Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Dodge Ram, and Toyota Tundra.

Given its location, this is one addition that requires tough, rugged housing. Each Lund Contender tool box is made of prime aluminum that can handle constant exposure to the outdoors. There is even an element of style thrown in. For a touch of custom presence, Lund Contender tool boxes feature diamond-treaded plating that is polished before leaving the factory. The bright aluminum provides a nice contrast to your truck’s exterior color. If it should get dusty or dirty, you can quickly wipe down the Lund Contender tool box, as well. Car washes are also not a problem.

The security aspect of the Lund Contender tool box is centered on the latches. An individual gas-powered strut smoothly lifts up the lid requiring no effort on part of the user. Once the latches shut, the truck bed toolbox stays closed even on bumpy terrain. However, it locks for extra safekeeping. Lund tool chests come with a key if you choose to store any valuables.

You are not forced to endure a lengthy installation process. Overall, it takes approximately a half an hour. The truck bed toolbox requires drilling a couple of holes in the rails. After that you will set it in place using the included hardware. Some drivers suggest using a level when you begin. This helps ensure the truck bed tool box is resting evenly on the rails as you tighten the bolts.

Its durability can be counted on. Each aluminum tool box comes backed by a 1 year warranty. Note: This is not a universal accessory. Be sure to check for your truck’s exact year, make, and model prior to ordering.

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