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Having a sturdy cross bed toolbox locked to your truck allows you the opportunity to travel freely without worrying about keeping your items secure. In many cases, truck owners are transporting tools and other equipment from one place to the other. It can be difficult to fit everything you need in one place without sacrificing security. A cross bed toolbox makes it easy to store your gear and have it readily accessible at all times. Installed on the outside on the bed or stowed away in the cab, the choice is yours. Either way, a cross bed toolbox makes life easier and traveling with valuable cargo safer.

Material makes a big difference in terms of strength, especially for exterior truck parts. This is an aluminum economy cross box, which means it is extremely resilient. The number one thing drivers try to avoid is dents or scratches. The aluminum economy cross box is able to stand up to any incidental contact that might occur. On top of that, it also will not fade or succumb to turbulent weather conditions. Lund specializes in ensuring that all of their aluminum economy cross boxes portray resistance to rust so a gleaming finish is maintained. When installed, you get an additional custom touch. An aluminum economy cross box shining in the sun gets attention all on its own.

Multiple features highlight its functionality. A point of interest for the Lund aluminum economy box is the lid. It is not a thin, hollow cover. Instead, it is reinforced to sustain extra abuse. For defense against moisture, the Lund aluminum economy box locks tight with a gasket that is waterproof.

As for the opening and closing portion of the unit, improved safekeeping is the primary goal. Piano hinges are located on the back of the Lund aluminum economy box. This helps keep it locked tight if installed onto the bed for when the truck is in motion. But it also helps when you want to open up the truck bed toolbox quickly.

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