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Placing a set of diamond bed protectors on the sides of your truck is an easy way to get noticed. It is a customization that stands out due to its throwback design that mixes in with the ominous profile of the vehicle. But that is not all diamond bed protectors are meant for. They also represent an additional piece of exterior truck protection. There is a reason for that. Trucks see a lot more action than cars do. That means they get dirtier more often, as well. Keeping dirt and moisture from building up on the rails maintains your truck’s health. Diamond bed protectors install quickly for enduring security against roadside elements.

The first part of the equation is the material. Lund diamond bedrail caps are made from aluminum to present a smooth finishing surface and extra strength. Following manufacturing, the aluminum is pressed with the diamond tread design. After that, Lund diamond bedrail caps are given a finish of either black or “brite”, which is an enhanced version of the silver aluminum color. Another feature is that they are a vehicle-specific product. This allows for extra detail. You can order your Lund diamond bedrail caps with stake pocket holes (or without). They are also guaranteed to fit precisely. Since they are made according to year, make, and model, Lund diamond bedrail caps will not deviate from position once installed.

You can find them available for most popular truck models. Diamond plated bed caps are made for the Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, and Chevy CK. As mentioned above, this is not a universal part. Attempting to fit diamond plated bed caps on a truck they are not intended for will result in poor fitment and/or damage to the vehicle.

Installation is simple. Each set of diamond plated bed caps comes with stainless steel fasteners. Simply follow the included instructions and clip them right in. All in all, the truck side rail covers should take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to install. They do not require any special cleaning solvent or solution for proper maintenance. You can wash Lund bedrail caps in accordance with the rest of your truck.

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