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Improved strength and capability makes the Lund flush mount box a smart upgrade in security. Many truck owners prefer to store tools and valuables outside of the cab. Part of that is due to the desire to keep the interior roomier. It is also to have greater accessibility to what they need. A Lund flush mount box provides a tough, no-nonsense answer. Whether it is a series of hammers and wrenches or safety gear and valuables, there is plenty of space to fit what you need. And since it is designed for years of abuse, the Lund flush mount box is extremely durable.

One of its biggest advantages is that it does not stand out. The Lund truck mount toolbox can be installed flush underneath a side bed rail. One aspect of this location is security. Since the Lund truck mount toolbox is not mounted in a direct fashion, it is not easily noticeable. Another factor is accessibility. It is easy to reach. You do not have to travel the length of the truck bed in order to get at the Lund truck mount toolbox.

Size is also not a worry. The unit does not take up a lot of space. Whichever side you install the Lund truck mount toolbox on, it still leaves plenty of room to use the bed to transport cargo. Lumber, camping gear, and fishing equipment all still fit inside with no issue.

However, it is the toughness of the pickup truck lockbox that gets the most attention. Made of a heavy-duty aluminum, it is intended to take a beating in all of your travels. On the outside are locking handles that allow for easy gripping when it is time to carry the unit. You can also tie down the pickup truck lockbox using the included anchor.

Protecting your valuables is the top priority. On the inside lid of the pickup truck toolbox is a special rubberized gasket that provides a seal against moisture. You can travel through torrential rainstorms or a blizzard and the precipitation will not find its way in. The Lund aluminum toolbox can be used in all climates and weather conditions.

Two finishes are available. Flush truck storage units come in brightened aluminum or in black powdercoat.

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