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Custom quality and convenience is what the Genesis elite roll-up was intended for. If your truck has an active profile, choosing the right cover can mean a lot. Keeping tools and equipment stored in the bed means having to give it a reasonable amount of protection. A Genesis elite roll-up showcases the toughness you want with the accessibility to match. It is not a cumbersome, arduous process to lift off in times of need. Instead, the Genesis elite roll-up allows you to grab your gear and get back to trucking.

One of the main points of interest is in the design. The Lund elite roll up presents a low profile fitment. What that means is that the fabric does not rise up over the bed rails. It is an indication of a tight seal. After all, the main purpose of a Lund elite roll up is to offer protection from rain and other types of precipitation. There are no gaps at the rails or through the tailgate. It is also versatile. You can load odd-shaped objects and cover one side with the Lund elite roll up and leave the other side exposed. All it takes is rolling it right up (or down) to your preference. Once rolled down, the Lund elite roll up stays firmly in place thanks to a Velcro wrap system.

All-weather resiliency is a major factor. If a truck bed cover cannot persevere through bad conditions it will not last very long. Especially on work trucks. The Genesis elite tonneau is made of heavy-duty twill that is both waterproof and tough. It can handle constant opening and closing as well as contact with tools and gear without getting scraped. You can use a Genesis elite tonneau to cover up most work equipment without worrying about a point penetrating through the fabric. You also get a nice touch of style out of the deal. Genesis elite tonneaus are finished in black to match any truck’s color.

Installation is simple for most truck models. The rollup tonneau comes with clamps that help lock in the rail system. The cover attaches to the rails and is rolled (in either direction) using Velcro. Instructions are included with each order. The Lund vinyl elite bed cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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