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You get more than protection with a Genesis hinged tonneau cover. You also get a simple functioning unit that is more convenient in times of need.

In most cases, a truck bed cover requires you to fold or roll it up. While that system works, it is not the fastest. A Genesis hinged tonneau cover gives you the best of both worlds. It is speedy. All it takes is unfastening it at the tailgate and lifting up. The gas-powered hinges take care of the rest. And when you have it closed, you can depend on the Genesis hinged tonneau cover to deliver standout defense against rain and debris.

A major reason why truck owners use this is due to its utility. When you open up the Lund hinged tonneau it can stay in position. That allows you the ability to load up the bed with lumber, tools, luggage or camping gear without having to remove it. Lung hinged tonneaus operate using gas-powered hinges. The hinges enact a pause in the middle of opening or closing. That is why you want to leave the Lund hinged tonneau propped up, you can. It also is why if you would like to close it in a hurry, you can do that, too. And once you close the Lund hinged tonneau cover, it will stay closed thanks to the “slam and scram” hatch system.

Tough, dependable material is always a priority. Lund manufactures each lift up tonneau cover from vinyl fabric that is intended to hold up in all weather conditions. Following installation, rain and snow are no longer a threat to the contents of your truck bed. Lift up tonneau covers do not absorb moisture. And if snow, mud, or another mucky substance accumulates on the top surface, you can rinse it right off. Best of all, stains are not a problem. Each lift up tonneau cover comes in black to offer a contrasting custom touch.

Currently, this product is not widely available. Lund lift up bed covers are only made for beds that measure in at 6’6”. Installation is a drill-free procedure. All required hardware is included along with step-by-step instructions. Lund Genesis bed covers are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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