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Both full-size and compact trucks benefit from what the Genesis tailgate seal is designed to do.

Keeping the bed of your truck clean can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are active. Between storing work equipment, tools, and camping gear, the bed holds a lot of responsibility. However, even with a tonneau cover it is often exposed. What Genesis tailgate seals are designed for is added protection. It takes away the gap between the gate and the bed so that external elements cannot find their way inside. Best of all, it does not matter what truck model you own. Genesis tailgate seals are universal and fit every truck with no problem.

The main reason this item works so well is directly related to the material it is constructed of. Lund tailgate seals are made from EPDM rubber. This material is known as an elastomer, which means that it is elastic as well as a host of viscous properties. These attributes give Lund tailgate seals a certain amount of flexibility. The viscosity of the rubber is absorbent in terms of temperature and particles. For instance, when cold air meets the Lund tailgate seal, it will not seep through. The EPDM rubber acts as insulation. It is also how egregious moisture is kept at bay.

Just as importantly, the Lund tailgate seal blocks debris from getting inside. Debris is a general term for the various types of objects and particles that a truck bed typically takes on. If you live in a coastal area you may find that sand accumulates along with other airborne particles. Without a rubber tailgate seal it is not uncommon to find sand and dust embedded in the hinges of your tailgate. Of course, this is equally prudent when it comes to off-roading vehicles. Mud, pebbles, and gravel can play a distinct role in causing damage to truck beds. The simple insertion of a rubber tailgate seal stops problems before they pop up.

Installation is very fast. The truck sealant strips are backed with 3M double-sided tape. When you peel off the backing you will run it across the outer face of your truck’s bed where it meets the tailgate. Do not put the rubber tailgate seal on all at once. Instead, measure and adhere every few inches for a precise fit.

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