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It becomes easy to protect your bed the right way with a Genesis tri-fold tonneau. Lund is known for making durable yet stylish exterior truck parts and this is one product the brand concentrates on. Drivers want strength and quality. A flimsy truck bed cover does not provide the security most are looking for. That is not the case with this option. Genesis tri-fold tonneaus are intended to showcase a higher level of strength without sacrificing convenience. From the design of the frame to the stylish finish, it is a complimentary upgrade for any trucker. Genesis tri-fold tonneaus are also manufactured for specific makes/models and bed lengths.

Initially, the main focal point is the shape and configuration. The tri fold tonneau cover features a recessed aluminum frame that uses the inside rails of your truck bed. The advantage to this setup is that it keeps a lower profile appearance. It allows the tri fold tonneau cover to fold over easily without overlap or the frame causing interference. Determining your method of usage is also easier. For instance, if you have the tri fold tonneau cover closed and wish to open it, you will not have to contend with the frame bars causing the fabric to protrude. Same goes for closing it up. Since the frame is subset, the tri fold tonneau cover seals flush to the rails.

No imitation material is used. All Lund Genesis covers are made of specialized vinyl that is double-sided for extra thickness. The vinyl provides very stout defense for a variety of situations. During inclement weather where precipitation is prevalent, the Lund Genesis cover will not absorb any rain or moisture. It is weatherproof against turbulent outside temperatures, as well. Extreme cold will not play a role in the overall functioning of the unit. The Lund Genesis cover will not harden and then displays cracks or tears due to freezing conditions.

Looks are also part of the equation. Your Lund Genesis tonneau cover is given a matte black finish and the frame a black powdercoat finish. Installation is simple, the part has a quick-cam latch and clamps right in. Instructions are included.

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