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Keeping equipment safe in your truck is what the Lund HD side bin is designed for. It can be a challenge to haul around sensitive tools and gear. Storing them in the truck bed is not always the safest option. A Lund HD side bin takes a lot of the worry away by providing a strong, resilient containment unit that can hold whatever you need. The best part is that they are a universal fit. Lund HD side bins fit in any truck or full-size SUV easily. There is no need to make any modifications to the exterior or interior to accommodate one. Whether it is the truck bed or the cargo area of your SUV, a Lund side bin fits with ease.

It all comes down to toughness. That is the main attribute of the Lund side bin. Constructed of .08 aluminum, it is dependable no matter where it is located. If you wish to mount your Lund side bin outside on the bed, harsh weather conditions will not do any damage. The finish of the aluminum is resistant to moisture and prevents rust from forming. Just as important, the Lund side bin can stand up to getting roughed up by heavy equipment and tools. Many working professionals use one. Contractors, carpenters, and mechanics haul around a commercial truck storage bin for jobs on the road.

Whatever contents you place inside will stay protected. The commercial truck storage bin has a domed lid to allow for extra room at the top. Light foam insulation is present to allow for an element of cushioning. On the outside of the commercial truck storage bin is a j-bolt striker that is bolted in. In conjunction with the piano hinges, it helps the lid stay connected to the body in all types of rugged travel.

There is no singular way to install the HD truck toolbox. It can be mounted to the rails or elsewhere, but that may require drilling through the unit. It is recommended to first pinpoint the location where you might install the truck side bin.

A bright aluminized finish is applied before shipping. Aluminum cargo toolboxes come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

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