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Drivers looking for an edgy performance car appearance without all of the expensive mods appreciate what imitation hood scoops can offer. They add an aggressive touch to the hood of the car that makes it appear as if your engine bay is grabbing more air for the intake and exhaust. Classic muscle cars and even tuner automobiles have sported authentic hood vents for years just for that reason. This is a way to give off the impression that your ride is in that league. An imitation hood scoop does not require any cutting or invasive drilling. It is part of what makes them so popular with today’s crowd. Instead, imitation hood scoops install in little to no time, offering the fierce presence you are looking for.

Another factor is their availability. Lund universal hood scoops are made for many of the more popular trucks and SUVs on the road. You can find them for the Ford F-150, F-250, Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Dodge Ram, Cadillac Escalade, and more. These vehicles do not typically fit the profile of models normally outfitted with Lund universal hood scoops. But that is part of what makes them a desirable upgrade. It brings a different visual. Putting a decorative hood scoop on an Avalanche is likely to get more attention than seeing one on a Dodge Viper. It is an unusual sight. When others see a decorative hood scoop on a full-size truck, they know it is a custom work.

Due to the location where this modification goes, the quality of material is important. Lund manufactures their decorative hood scoops from ABS plastic. This is a substance that is employed for many exterior performance car accessories due to two main factors: Strength and endurance. Decorative hood scoops have to be able to withstand constant exposure to weather and debris. ABS plastic will not rust, dent, or ding.

The most common finish is black but Lund universal hood scoops are also available in “smoke.” In some cases you can paint to match. This is for drivers who may be going for a full Lund body kit and want to keep the same color.

Installation is very simple. Lund hood scoops come backed with 3M adhesive. Just unpeel the tape and set the part on your hood. Using a ruler and/or level may help.

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