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Hauling long cargo is made easy with the Lund bed extender. If you own a compact pickup or simply need more length for everyday tasks, this is the answer for you. The disadvantage of having a short truck bed is no longer an issue. The Lund bed extender presents a safe and effective system that allows you to transport bigger payloads, regardless of what size pickup you own. It is a simple unit that is compatible with any 2” hitch receiver. There is even full adjustability. Lund bed extenders can be lengthened up to 68” and the arms can be widened up to 49”.

There is no shortage of objects that are now eligible for you to haul. Plenty of truck owners use the Lund extender hitch rack to carry extra-long cargo that they were previously unable to. 12’ 2x4’s and 2x6’s, kayaks, canoes, rolls of carpet, and sheet rock easily fit for most applications. Weight should not be a problem, either. The Lund extender hitch rack can support up to 750 lbs. and provide 7” of clearance from the ground for safe passage. Along with the bed itself, the hitch hand holds cargo steady. Lund extender hitch racks offer all the stability you need whether for trips around the corner or to a campsite far away.

You have other options besides transportation. The Lund extender hitch rack can be used as part of a makeshift workshop. When parked, the hitch hand and arms act as a sawhorse. This gives you the ability to measure or saw wood on top of the truck bed extension. You can carry wood planks from the lumber yard to your door, getting everything done in one shot. The truck bed extension saves time and energy, allowing you to work quickly.

Strength is not a concern. The truck bed extension is made entirely of steel. It is designed for heavy-duty work and hauling. If you do not want to damage the finish, strips of foam or felt over the hitch receiver rack arms can add extra cushioning. The product arrives in sections but is easily assembled in minutes. Installation is also a breeze. The bed extender rack attaches to the hitch receiver and the pins can be adjusted to your desired location.

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