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Utility and protection make Lund cargo bags useful for a variety of large vehicles. If you are going to haul your belongings, it is best to have a safe, weather-resistant unit in the back. Using nets or aluminum boxes does little other than putting your stuff in danger. Lund cargo bags are different. They are designed to provide a strong, reliable place to put your things, no matter what kind of climate you are traveling in. Trips to the beach, the campsite, or even the ski trails no longer mean having to cram everything in a small amount of space. Lund cargo bags feature 11.5 cubic feet of room inside for you to fit everything you need.

What makes them tough is their construction. The Lund HD storage bag is made of PVC material. Rain, snow, ice, and other moisture will not damage the exterior. Even if the waterproof cargo bag gets wet it will dry just as quick. This makes them extremely useful for people who enjoy going on outdoor adventures. If rolling through a storm, there is no concern over the Lund HD storage bag getting drenched. It will also not absorb any moisture. When you arrive at your destination following a trip in bad weather, you can simply take a towel and pat down the Lund HD storage bag to “fast dry” it instead of waiting.

This product is not vehicle-specific. Applications differ depending on how you wish to use it. The waterproof cargo bag can be placed on a carrier, go in your truck bed, or secured to the roof of your vehicle. You will use the polypropylene straps to tie it where you desire. Note: In certain cases it may be necessary to use additional straps in order to fit the waterproof cargo bag on snugly. Lund makes a steel SUV cargo carrier that is intended to host the bag. However, you can use it with different carriers of your choosing.

In addition to the straps and exterior PVC material there is a concentration on durability in other areas. The waterproof cargo bag boasts heat-sealed seams that prevent leaks from rain or external substances. In addition, the zippers are reinforced to handle any type of rugged circumstances your vehicle is exposed to.

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