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You can use a Lund 24” cargo box for whatever you need. It is intended to be a “medium duty” storage unit for owners of trucks and SUVs that offers convenience and mobility. Most often, the Lund 24” cargo box is used to host tools and equipment but it can store other items, as well. Fishing gear, tarps, and safety supplies can also fit inside.

Often, drivers have to install a cumbersome container of sorts in order to have suitable storage in their trucks. This often entails drilling to install a large truck toolbox. It can be an expensive and invasive procedure. A Lund 24” cargo box is not a permanent modification. Instead, it can be carried into and out of your vehicle for whenever you need it. That is one reason why it comes in handy. You can load up a Lund specialty box in your garage or home before taking it with you.

What also separates this product from other truck utility chests is its construction. It is made of high strength aluminum that is able to withstand all types of inclement weather conditions. Lund specialty boxes are weatherproof with tightly sealed gaskets. It will protect any kind of sensitive materials you keep locked inside so that moisture, dust, and dirt do not cause damage. If you would like to enact additional protection, you can. When keeping a Lund specialty box in the bed of your truck, you can easily cover it with a tarp. This is especially useful if you reside in a damp climate. Note: Since it is not mounted to the rails, it is recommended to use a chain to keep the Lund specialty box stationary.

One of its features is the adjustable strikers. You can use the design to accommodate large or oddly-shaped objects in the aluminum carrier chest. For extra durability, Lund gave the hinges a different configuration. The hinges are “piano-style”, which means they are flat and lay horizontally on the back of the lid. When you open up the aluminum carrier chest the hinges hold it snugly together, even during tumultuous conditions.

There is no installation necessary. Each aluminum carrier chest comes fully assembled and ready to use.

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