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One of the most common aftermarket modifications is a truck grille. Pickup trucks are known for their size and demeanor. Even smaller light pickups still present a sizable contrast to sedans or even SUVs. From the cab to the bed, trucks have a shape that is very distinctive.

From a fashion perspective, there are plenty of exterior parts available for trucks that are predicated upon improvement over the factory look. And not surprisingly, the grille is often a focal point. Most truck automakers do not concentrate on putting their best foot forward when it comes to certain areas of the exterior. A truck grille is a prime example of that. Commonly comprised of a plastic polymer or ABS, the front-end, from an automaker’s view, is meant more for allowing a certain amount of air into the radiator/engine bay. But more than anything, it is about protection. ABS plastic is extremely dense and resistant to weather damage. It also does not rust. And most importantly, it is strong enough to withstand flying debris.

But the issue is attractiveness and many truck grilles are not designed to win a beauty contest. That makes it the responsibility of the driver to seek out other avenues to put the look in place that they want. This can be an involved process. There is no shortage of options available.

Lund has been making aftermarket truck grilles for decades and is recognized as one of the foremost companies in the industry in this regard. Their experience with manufacturing exterior truck parts means they have a big advantage over other brands. Lund knows what the automakers intend when it comes to design and materials. That allows them to be able to craft truck grilles going by the same standard of quality (if not higher) and also account for fitment.

Fitment is the most important factor. Even with most overlays or inserts, there are internal parts that are involved in replacing the OEM part. A lot of times it involves cutting into the inner shell of the original truck grille, moving the fasteners on top of the radiator, and so forth. If the fit is incorrect there are more problems than just the grill. It also means that you have cut and damaged OEM components. So now, not only does your new pickup truck billet grille not fit, but you have to somehow fix the area. Needless to say, this can cost a lot of money.

Lund truck grilles do not have this problem because the fitment is always spot on. They get the measurements of every truck they are going to create parts for and then render the design accordingly. The best part is that most of their truck grilles are direct inserts. All you are really doing is switching out the old one and sticking the new one in its place. Even for trucks where cutting or drilling is necessary, it is not a big deal. You will not have to worry that you are about to destroy an OEM piece and then pay for it dearly. All Lund custom grilles come with complete step-by-step directions along with any hardware you will need. It is just a matter of following the instructions and going slow. Before you know it, the new grill will be in place. In most cases, it takes under an hour.

One of the most critical factors truckers are concerned with is material. If they are going to supplement their factory front-end with a Lund custom grille they want to make sure they are not using an inferior level of quality. After all, strength is supposed to be one of the most important attributes of the vehicle’s front-end. Lund manufactures their Original Bar and Framed Perimeter grilles from ABS plastic. As mentioned previously, ABS plastic is extremely durable. It is an extremely common material seen in a variety of exterior truck applications, not just grilles. It is also a substance that accepts finishes very nicely. That brings us back to the style portion of the equation.

Lund custom grilles are given a chrome or polished finish. Both finishes are not necessarily available for all truck models. Before you place your order, be sure that the finish you are looking for is eligible for your truck model.

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