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Mobility and strength highlight what the Lund duraloader ramp offers.

It is a common occurrence for truck owners to want to haul extra cargo. Sometimes, it can be difficult to transport items into the bed. With wheels or without wheels, a Lund duraloader ramp helps get all of your items in without breaking a sweat. The best part is that when it is not in use, it is easy to store. Lund duraloader ramps fold in half to save room in your shop or garage.

How it is shaped shows the level of convenience it offers. The aluminum truck ramp is slightly arched that allows for smoother usage. Any wheeled cargo such as wagons, ATVs, and mountain bikes can be loaded in without contending with a steep climb. Of course, strength is also a major concern. The aluminum truck ramp can handle up to 750 lbs. effortlessly.

On the surface are a series of extruded holes. They are punched into the aluminum truck ramp to offer a higher level of grip. A cleated surface is important for cargo with firm wheels. Better traction for heavier objects significantly reduces the risk of slipping. However, the aluminum plays a complimentary role. Not only is it strong and lightweight, but the natural finish allows the Lund arched folding ramp to be extremely rust-resistant.

At the top is a rubber strip to protect the tailgate. Without it, the aluminum might scratch up the edges. It also helps keep the aluminum truck ramp stamped in place. In addition, at the foot of the ramp(s) is an angled bar. Called the “wheelguider edge” this bar takes away a gap between the Lund arched folding ramp and the ground. It is a feature that comes in handy when loading up extra heavy items. The Lund arched folding ramp measures in at 120”x118”, and clamps easily to most truck beds.

The compact nature of the product is not at odds with the level of durability provided. The foldable loading ramp is welded, not bolted together. It does not necessitate assembly. But one point to consider is the placement. On certain truck models that are lifted, it may be difficult to achieve a proper angle. Lowering a lifted vehicle may be required for the portable truck loading ramp to fit appropriately.

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