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One of the main points of interest for Lund gatekeeper caps is their ease of installation. They do not entail a lengthy process. Unlike other exterior truck accessories, this is one product you can take out of the box and have up and running within minutes. Of course, that is not only what makes Lund gatekeeper caps popular with pickup owners. Their most important characteristic is protection. The tailgate is an oft neglected section of the vehicle. It is consistently left susceptible to external elements. Lund gatekeeper caps enact a much-needed shield to the area that staves off road-weary symptoms.

This used to be an issue most common with off-road vehicles. In the past it was these types of trucks that were outfitted with tailgate caps the most. Rough, rocky terrain features loose debris that can cause damage to multiple areas at once. Having a universal tailgate protector in place protects the rail from being overrun with extraneous elements. Dirt, dust, mud...all of this plays a role in inflicting harm. The simple task of throwing on a universal tailgate protector goes a long way towards shoring up the area. It also brings added confidence. The truck has an extra shield. In turn, drivers feel more comfortable going mudding once their ride has a universal tailgate protector sealed on.

Times have changed and usage has increased. You see universal tailgate protectors more often even on pickups in urban or industrial areas. This is usually due to their stout defense against turbulent weather. Rain causes constant moisture to seep in through the opening. Rust can settle in if the top is left bare. A Lund tailgate protector provides a seal to keep this moisture out. It even comes in handy in dry or coastal areas. Wind can carry sand, pollen, and other particles, all of which can damage the exterior. Lund tailgate protectors will stop these substances from setting in and causing long-term problems.

The construction material holds the blueprint in how the product works. Made of thick rubber, Lund tailgate protectors stay strong in any climate without succumbing to weather or extreme temperature.

Installation is fast. Simply unpeel the double sided 3M tape on the back and set your pick up tailgate protector in place over the top

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