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You may notice trucks with Lund grille inserts simply by the iconic, billet style. This is one of the product lines Lund is known most for because it is limited to only two segments of vehicles: Trucks and SUVs. Lund grille inserts offer an easy and economical way to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle’s face. Often, the factory does not include a very high quality material or design. It is usually a plastic polymer that chips and cracks. Lund grille inserts bring more toughness to go along with the improvement in style. The best part is that they are made for a wide variety of models. You can find Lund original billet grilles for everything from the Silverado and Yukon to the F-F150 and Tundra.

Drivers have different reasons to make this modification. A common premise for installing an aftermarket truck grill has to do with the visual aspect. The front of the truck gets noticed more so than any other area. Replacing the OEM screening with a Lund original billet grille brightens it up. The key is the material. Instead of plastic, Lund original billet grilles are made of genuine billet aluminum. This material is not only much stronger, but it is also easily made shiny.

Protection is another (underrated) reason Lund original billet grilles are appreciated. The bars are close together. What this does in enact a stringent line of defense versus dirt and debris. An original bar billet grille provides more consistent security so that your engine bay stays clear. A high quality aluminum truck grille should provide enough air to stream inside to the radiator but also cover enough space so that damage is prevented. It is part of what makes them a common addition to trucks. Trucks are large vehicles often used for construction and on rocky, rough terrain. Having a quality original bar billet grille in the front can make a big difference.

Installation is not complicated but can vary, depending on the vehicle. Original bar billet grilles are most often a non-drill procedure. All it calls for is removal of the radiator cover fasteners and tabs of the OEM grille. In cases where drilling or cutting is involved, it is limited to the inner webbing. Instructions are included.

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