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Installing a Lund universal hitch step is sometimes a high priority for certain truckers. That is partly because most of the time, the exterior is holding storage. You keep cargo both in the bed of the truck and also on the roof rack. Accessing your items and equipment when you need them can be a hassle. A Lund universal hitch step gives you a boost so you can reach your cargo without an issue. It is a simple custom addition, even for the most inexperienced of truck owners. Lund universal hitch steps quickly install to your receiver mount, allowing you to be up and running right away.

You know it can be a pain to climb up to retrieve your storage. Sometimes it even requires you to step onto one of the tires. A 2” receiver hitch step gives you the ability to grab tools and gear from the bed without it becoming an exercise routine. It is strong enough to handle a weight capacity of several hundred pounds, so even the big boys can hop up on it. The 2” receiver hitch steps also feature a beaded surface for a reliable grip to meet the sole of your shoe.

The biggest trait has more to do with convenience than it does utility. 2” receiver hitch steps can be folded up when not in use. This comes in handy for most truckers, but especially those whose vehicles are parked in crowded environments. The ability to fold up the 2” receiver hitch step makes for less of a struggle finding room on the road.

Strength is important, also. Each foldable hitch step is made of die-cast aluminum to handle the weight and contact with heavy equipment. As indicated, it is designed to fit any 2” receiver mount. The foldable hitch step itself presents a 3”x6” platform. Most can stand on it with no issue. If you wear an oversized shoe the foldable hitch step will still hold because of the gripped surface.

Installation can be handled by most with no problem. In specific cases, light drilling may be involved but for most trucks the aluminum hitch step installs quickly and easily using the included hardware.

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