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Whether you are storing sensitive materials or just a bag of hammers, a Lund jobsite box has both the room and toughness you need. It is also a mobile answer for those drivers who do not feel like permanently installing a cumbersome unit in their vehicles. Instead, you can take the Lund jobsite box anywhere. It can be used for everything from trips to the beach and the ballpark to fishing expeditions and construction sites. Versatility is one of the main reason truckers purchase one. Plus, since it is not an installable item it will fit any vehicle. You can keep a Lund jobsite box in your truck bed, back of your SUV, and the cab so long as there is enough space.

One of its biggest attributes is what it is made of. For extra ruggedness, the truck storage bins are manufactured from hardcore 22 gauge steel. The main reason is to protect against external damage. Aluminum truck storage bins have a habit of denting. If used on a job site, contact with tools or heavy equipment can make a mark fairly easily. That is not the case with steel. Also, another factor is climate. A truck storage bin constructed out of steel can withstand extreme cold, moisture, dirt, and debris. Lund even delivers added protection. Each truck storage bin is given a powdercoat for an extra layer of defense against any adverse conditions.

As for the mechanical aspects of the part, there are several. The hinge on the back of the Lund steel cargo chest is intended for heavy duty usage. It is specifically designed as an anti-theft measure with a self-enclosing mechanism. Moreover, it will not shudder if the Lund steel cargo chest is traveling in a turbulent environment. The lid is also meant for hardworking assignments. It does not bend, even if under a high amount of stress.

Lund steel cargo chests are come in several sizes including 24”, 32”, and 36”. They can be placed in most areas of a vehicle, but not without restraint. Placing a steel jobsite box loosely in a truck bed is not recommended. All cargo and storage should be safely tied down before leaving.

To back their claim of durability, Lund includes a limited lifetime warranty with their all of their steel cargo toolboxes.

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