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The premise behind a Lund ramp kit is to host the capability to load and unload wheeled cargo. It also enables you to keep the necessary components in place rather than having to re-connect them every time they are required. This is an alternative to storing cumbersome truck bed ramps in your garage or the bed itself. Rather, a Lund ramp kit uses pre-installed brackets that are located at the end of the bed where the tailgate attaches. One of its biggest advantages is versatility. If you need to access the Lund ramp kit, there is no need to construct the part. The infrastructure to use it is already waiting.

The first step is connecting the bed ramp brackets. It is an uncomplicated setup. To get started installing the Lund cargo ramp kit you will drill two 5/16” holes for the bolts to go into. This area will need to be slightly cushioned. A strip of foam rubber is included with the bed ramp brackets to protect the truck gate. In addition, two pins are used to keep the planks stable. All of the hardware you need is included with the Lund cargo ramp kit. After installation you can fit in the planks. Either 2”x8” or 2”x10” wood planks fit into the bed ramp brackets.

You can use it to haul many different types of truck cargo accessories. Popular items such as bicycles, wagons, wheel barrels, and several light motorsports vehicles can be wheeled up the Lund cargo ramp kit. Weight capacity is an issue for larger objects. Depending on the condition of the planks (i.e. pressure-treated or standard pine), the maximum weight the Lund cargo ramp kit can handle is between 450 and 600 pounds.

Pickup owners who need utility benefit the most. The kit replaces crude DIY truck ramps that are made with spare planks. That is another trait of the brackets. They are made of heavy aluminum and are stationary. Although there is a weight limit, the configuration is safer and more secure than using loose wood to wheel objects into the bed.

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