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The main purpose of a Lund storage tank is to give you the ability to transport liquids. There are situations where it is necessary to chauffer sensitive materials and liquids, and doing so using a generic container can lead to problems. Whether it is chemicals or water to host bait, a Lund storage tank is able to handle it with care. The entire unit is constructed to safely hold fluids in place for later usage and be tough enough on the outside to withstand any damage. A Lund storage tank can be secured in a truck bed or kept inside the cab.

There are several different types of professionals who use this containment unit. Mobile healthcare providers, fishing guides, and flooring contractors employ truck storage chests given their travel schedules. They need to be able to travel with gallons of fluids without worrying about security. The truck storage chest boasts .100 aluminum construction. Aluminum is the material of choice due to its durability as well as its resistance to rust. If you keep the truck storage chest strapped onto the truck bed, you can rest easy knowing minor debris and precipitation will not damage it. In addition, it is given a brightened finish. Together with the diamond-treaded pattern, the truck storage chest presents an attractive custom look.

Plenty of space is available. Lund combo tanks have an 80 gallon capacity. It is a single compartment unit, hosting the capability for one type of liquid to be transported. In overall size, Lund combo tanks measure in at 25.5” high and 48” wide (111 cubic feet). Though substantial in size, it can fit in most truck beds while still allowing for room to carry other cargo. As an extra security precaution, the Lund combo tank locks and requires a key to open it back up.

This product is only meant for non-hazardous materials. You cannot transport any flammable or potentially harmful liquids using the truck liquid storage tank. The inside of the container is not treated to handle certain chemicals, such as gasoline. Carrying gas or other dangerous fluids poses a serious risk to occupants. Only use the aluminum cargo chest for DOT-approved liquids to avoid any problems.

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