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Finding a suitable way to store extra cargo can be challenging. A Lund trailer box makes it easy for everyone. A compact yet durable storage unit, you can fit a host of items inside and travel to your destination without worrying. Lund trailer boxes have enough space to house a variety of objects. Tools, scuba gear, boating supplies, and even spare truck accessories fit neatly inside. It is important to have an element of convenience when you are locking items to your tow hitch. A Lund trailer box takes all of your stresses away.

Exterior accessories are exposed to constant dangers, which make their construction all the more important. Trailer utility boxes by Lund are made of aluminum. They are tough enough to handle constant incidental contact with equipment. Trailer utility boxes are also not vulnerable to the environment. Rain, rocks, mud, and debris are neutralized from causing harm. The finish helps out in this regard. The trailer utility box is rust and corrosion resistant. If you live in an area where rock salt is used, you will not have to be concerned about long-term damage. To top it off, the brightened diamond-plated finish adds a touch of gleaming style.

One of its biggest attributes is the location. Part of the idea behind the Lund aluminum trailer tongue is to add cargo without sacrificing space. You can lock the box down on your trailer, saving precious room inside of the cabin. On the bottom of the Lund aluminum trailer tongue are foam strips that provide a cushion against the metallic surface of the trailer to ward off scratches.

Inside, your valuables are kept secure. In addition to the waterproof design of the exterior, the inside of the Lund aluminum trailer tongue is spacious. The lid is notched in case you are storing soft cargo. It also helps with taller objects such as hammers and wrenches. Measuring in at 16”x21”x18”, there is plenty of space to cram in an array of additional cargo in a more secure manner.

Aluminum trailer boxes can be used with most trailers. It is recommended not to put items on top of the unit as a safety precaution. The Lund utility storage box is intended to rest at the front of the trailer without being disrupted.

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