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Using a Pro-Line auto carpet means replacing or covering the OEM flooring. This can be done for numerous reasons. After a while, the OEM carpet can begin to lose its texture. Fraying and rips are not uncommon. Or there could be a sticky substance ingrained in the fibers that you cannot get rid of. Whatever the issue is, Pro-Line auto carpets can take the place of the factory matting for a softer but more durable place for your feet to rest. Available in a variety of colors, it is also an opportunity for you to improve the interior design of the cabin. Pro-Line auto carpets come in black, tan, coffee, dark red, blue, and more.

The first bulletpoint has to do with the material. Proline floor mats are constructed of heavyweight nylon. Featuring 16 ounce fibers (80/20 loop), there is a substantial improvement in toughness. The Proline floor mats demonstrate much more resilience if challenged with wet or grungy substances. Snow, slush, and mud are commonly responsible for causing not just stains, but also damage to the fibers. The heavier nylon that Proline floor mats are made of is better suited to withstand spills or dirt before the surface is compromised. That is primarily why truckers install them. If you work in the outdoors, Proline floor mats handle getting dirty without losing their level of comfort.

Fitment is just as important. The Lund molded truck liners are digitally designed to match the interior layout of your cab’s floor. One of the tag lines is that they are “pressure formed.” What this means is that Lund molded truck liners are rigidly contoured. They will not slip on the sides but rather, provide an exact fit. The pedals and shifter are accounted for in the design, as well. A vinyl heel pad is integrated into the Lund molded floor liners for both added cushioning and endurance.

Putting them in should not be a problem. Because Lund replacement carpets are manufactured according to year, make, and model, they fit accurately to your truck’s interior dimensions. You do not need any glue or rivets to get them to adhere to the floor. The automotive carpets are easily set in place as if put there by the OEM.

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