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Keeping a tight lid on your bed with a sleek accent is what a Revelation tonneau cover does. It does not matter what truck you own. If you drive a rumbling, aggressive machine such as a Dodge Ram or a compact, versatile hauler like the Toyota Tacoma, the bed is an important place. It is where you keep tools, supplies, and lumber. A Revelation tonneau cover enacts a secure seal that protects the contents of your truck bed. No more puddles, lines of sand, or dirty leaves cascading around the back. Instead, give your truck a blanket that is designed for all seasons. The Revelation tonneau cover does the job for every pickup, big and small.

It is a design that is convenient as well as effective. The Lund revelation tonneau cover uses a simple frame and bow configuration that does not get in the way. Instead of bumping over the rails and protruding out, the frame is recessed. Whether your Lund revelation tonneau cover is open or closed, it will not be propped up. In addition, there are no annoying snaps to contend with. Lund revelation tonneau covers are made with a snap-less closure system. The cover is easily sealed with fasteners for stringent security. For added stability, corner caps are included with the Lund revelation tonneau cover.

If its main responsibility is to deliver all-weather defense, then the material must be reliable. This is a vinyl roll up tonneau. It is not made of thin plastic polymer or unthreaded rubber. A vinyl roll up tonneau is much more adept at deflecting debris but more importantly, it is waterproof. There will be no need to be concerned about moisture soaking in. Plus, the texture of the surface does not absorb stains. The vinyl roll up also will not tear due to incidental contact with cargo.

Should it become dirty, rinsing it off with a hose should do the trick. However, not all automotive cleaners are compatible with the Lund vinyl tonneau. Some may cause streaks or spots. Before using one, be sure to read the directions and see if there is a warning about contact with vinyl.

Thanks to the uncomplicated frame and setup, installing the custom tonneau cover takes just minutes. It is also custom designed for your truck bed’s precise measurements.

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